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New Year, New...

It's been a while since I posted, been busy living life in Los Angeles I guess. I just finished an internship at a Talent Agency, which was hectic but a lot of fun. My family bought a house in Florida, so I've been traveling there a bit. I moved out on my own, into a cute little garden studio, which I have spent many trips to target and HomeGoods to make it look the way I want i to, and not how my Mom thinks it should look.

Winnie, my corgi is doing well, she is currently living with my Mom in Florida, spending her days running around their huge yard with her brothers, Ziggy, the Labradoodle and Honey, our new rescue pup, the Goldendoodle. Honey came to us as an owner surrender, spending much time in his crate because he had too much energy and liked to chew socks. He is part of the family now. I miss the animals so much, it's certainly different without them. My Mom got me this cute pillow in the likeness of Winnie from Instagram just so she is always with me.

Do you believe in New Year's resolutions? Other than the usual, be more productive, be more active ( Lululemon look out ) I want to start exploring TikTok a bit more and start marketing more product. I am about to be a Business and Marketing major so here's to the more public me!

xxx Ruby


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