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Summer, Winter Yah!

Heading to the land Down Under for some much needed R and R ( rest and recuperation - is that an Aussie saying? ) I'm dealing with a fractured fibula but hey! Kind of sad to leave my menagerie behind in LA, but super excited to see all my friends and family in Oz. Summer in LA, Winter in Sydney. I guess if I could wish my perfect life, I would spend my time between both hemispheres. The life of a model brings that. I often get asked if I love modelling - and if thats what I want to do. Modelling chose me in a way. I see it as a way to meet people and work with some incredible creative talent. Seeing the finished pictures is always a blast.You never know what they will turn out like.I also see it as a way that I can continue to rescue all my little critters. Maybe I'll save up for a farm somewhere ( suggestions appreciated! ) and have my own rescue and sanctuary for all the animals that deserve a second chance.

Much Love and Greetings from Sydney



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